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Are You Ready To Tap Into Your Natural Gifts And Live A Purpose Driven Life

Hello everyone , I’m Iquell Reina 

A strong believer, dedicated husband, loving father, hard working employee, passionate artist, and ambitious entrepreneur.Throughout our lives, we are taught that there is a specific way, a particular piece of paper, or an individual skill we need to obtain success. I never followed that path, even when everyone else did. Still, of course, I allowed my environment to control my destiny. So I made up my mind to change the narrative for the first time in my life and I want to Help others along the way. Being gifted has always been a part of me and it’s definitely a part of YOU.

 I wrote this book to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to tap into their natural gifts, so they can live a purpose-driven life. I wanted this read to be as simple as possible so that it can reach every type of person. My goal is to help people remove barriers to realize their true potential. 

Too Gifted is filled with a fresh perspective and will change how you perceive and seek success

Inspiration Behind Too Gifted

What inspired me to create Too Gifted was when I realized that all my life, I felt like I couldn’t do certain things because I wasn’t designed that way. I thought there was a cap to being successful. I used to equate success with color instead of mindset. Television, social media, and my environment were beginning to shape my life and I couldn’t stand for it. During Covid I was scared that my wife and I would lose our jobs and the question I asked myself was how would we make it? At that time I didn’t have a definitive answer but GOD reminded me that he planted something inside of me from birth that will make room for me and bring me among great men. He told me that it was time to tap into my natural Gifts and use it to the best of my ability. I made a promise to myself that my gift will help me break generational curses, provide financial freedom for my family and never make me question myself again. 

Through a-lot of trials and tribulations I’ve learned how to help myself but I know there are thousands of people who feel the same way I did and I want to HELP. I envision a world where people are using their gifts to enhance their quality of life

Too Gifted Chapter Sneak Peaks 

Chapter 1 –  Discover Your Gift

There’s a myth that people developed in their minds that a gift equates to a skill set. It’s hard to understand Gift’s true definition when we grew up idolizing singers, rappers, actors, baseball, football, and my favorite basketball players. Society has brainwashed us to believe that these are the only gifts that exist.  

Chapter 2 – Game Over

I couldn’t imagine being a failure in anything that I did. I used to think having that mindset was a good thing until I let it turn me into a person I didn’t want to be. It’s like all my life; I played this game and competed against all these imaginary players that weren’t even competing with me. Of course, having a winning mindset definitely takes you to levels you can’t imagine, but I developed this mindset the wrong way

Chapter 3 – Train Up A Child

Reflection helps you link your past to your present. When you reflect, I want you to think about the general feeling of your home, the stereotypes that were passed down, the love and support you received from your parents, your closeness with extended relatives, family traditions, celebrations, and the traumatic events that affected you. Most people try to forget the trauma they sustained, but facing your trauma helps you release it. The only way to let something go is through admission and the willingness to forgive the person, situation or most importantly, yourself.

Chapter 4 – Consumer 

So, I have a question, what are you consuming that’s become detrimental to your success? What are you eating that’s preventing you from living out your purpose? What does your appetite look like? Are you drinking insecurity, doubt, and fear? Are you eating procrastination, lack of focus, and inconsistency? Are you tearing up your body with past hurt and regret? “What Chu Drinking?” I know people who drink their lives away because they believe there’s nothing to live for. I know people who have become obese because eating brought instant gratification. You become what you consume, and you consume what you believe.

Chapter 5 – Develop Your Gift 

Pictures produce memories that allow you to reflect on your life. Photos can bring you joy or sorrow. Pictures can make you smile or cry. No matter how it turns out, photos have to be developed before you can get a reaction. When you build your gift, you can apply the same logic. Gifts can either cause you to live with success or live in regret. Gifts can bring you fulfillment or emptiness. Gifts can make you feel accomplished or defeated. No matter how it turns out, gifts must be developed before you can live a purpose-driven life. Everything is a process, and the road will not be easy, but I encourage you to keep traveling. If you ask my friend, he would tell you that great pictures have been developed in the dark, and if you ask me, I’ll let you know that great people have been created in the night.

Chapter 6 – Traumatic Flashbacks

Traumatic flashbacks are nightmares but what I have to understand is that it’s just a dream and the best thing to do is wake up. When you are in your element there will be negative energy that tries to take away everything you’ve worked hard to become. Some people call it negative energy, some people call it the enemy, and some people call it Satan. Regardless of the classification or identity, it will try to destroy you if you let it.

Chapter 7 – Uncover Your Gift 

The only thing that will separate you from everyone else while being exposed is your superpower. You have to realize that many people in this world are waiting to be rescued but never say a word. Many people can’t see a way out, but you can be their example. The people don’t need fake highlights, the people don’t need negative energy, and they definitely don’t need a façade. They need real life; real results, real stories, and someone who can not only talk the talk but can walk the walk. THEY NEED YOU.